We have a continually growing suite of products which focus on providing data driven solutions for various business problems. These products can be implemented individually or in a modularised fashion. We also develop bespoke products for individual clients, and offer consultancy and training services.
Our products are cloud-based, able to synthesis large amounts of data (although we’re also comfortable working with ‘small’ data), and the results and insights are displayed on secure web-based dashboards that allow for daily updates on essential business activities.

Here are some of our current products:

A business needs to know how many people will visit their stores and buy their products so that they can optimise their stock and staff levels. Our sales forecasting product predicts store and product level sales on a daily or monthly basis, significantly out-performing branch managers and substantially reducing costs. This sales forecasting module can be linked to the stock optimisation and staff management tools to make sure each store has the correct level of stock and the right team working at the right time.

Demand forecasting

Keeping high levels of stock is expensive, particularly if  the product has a short shelf-life. Our stock optimisation tool makes sure that stock keeping units (SKUs) end up at the branches where they are most likely to sell, and provides early warning systems so that stores do not run out of products, and can automate stock ordering. This system also helps to identify products which are likely to do well early on, and to cut unpopular products.

Stock optimisation


Our sales insight module helps identify unusual trends and outliers on a store, product and individual basis. This allows for the monitoring of performance at all these different levels. The system can be configured to provide warnings for events such as when a store is substantially below expected sales levels, when staff are close to maximum limits of allowed hours, or when movements in stock levels are unusual and may indicate fraudulent behaviour.
The sales insight module can also be used to identify different types of customers, potential target markets or product complements, and inform marketing about up-selling or cross-selling opportunities.

Sales insight


Customers are different: they buy different products and at different intervals. This means that each has a different ‘customer lifetime value’ to the business. Our customer lifetime value tool helps identify different types of customers and the value of these different groups to the business. This means that a business can focus their acquisition and retention efforts on the most valuable customers.  The customer lifetime value tool can be combined with the sales insight and campaign effectiveness tools to identify the types of customers who respond to certain campaigns and to calculate the cost-effectiveness of these.

Customer lifetime value


Businesses continually need to know about the most effective way to boost outcomes, like sales or engagement, which they care about. Advertising and promotional campaigns are some of the ways to do this but it is often difficult to measure the impact of these campaigns. Our campaign effectiveness module helps a business determine the additional impact of the a campaign compared to what might have happened had the campaign not gone ahead. The tool can also be used to identify the types of customers who responded best to the campaign and thus to target future campaigns much more effectively.  


Campaign effectiveness


People are the most important asset for many businesses. Our staff management tool can establish the most important factors associated with staff turnover and identify those staff who are most likely to leave. The tool can also be used to measure the impact of different incentive schemes on staff performance, and to suggest the optimal composition of work teams. We are currently also working to build a hiring component, which uses voice recognition, and personality and behavioural characteristics to identify people who are a good fit for specific positions. 

Staff management



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